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Your Source for Affordable Scooter Parts of All Sizes

Whether you need a scooter carburetor or engine rebuild kits, JM3C Chinese Scooter Parts, LLC has you covered. We specialize in parts for three scooter models: 49cc scooters, 150cc scooters, and 250cc scooters. Drawing from parts sold nationwide, we keep our parts selection affordable. Our inventory includes:

• Light Bulbs
• Belts
• Engine Rebuild Kits
• Carburetors
• Ignitions
• Light Switches
• Switches
• Grips
• Cosmetics
Scooter Hose

Beautiful Mountain Road

The JMC3 Difference

We carry 4 through 7 amp field batteries at competitive pricing. We also carry 10 inch to 13 inch all season tires for scooters. We offer light repairs if needed to replace your scooter parts. When you bring your scooter to our pros we conduct a complete inspection to ensure you are getting just the right parts at just the right prices. We do this not only to ensure the wellbeing of your wallet but your overall safety as well. While riding through the mountains on a chinese made scooter is fun, it can turn bad very quickly if not properly inspected and maintained.

Ordering Parts

All parts are ordered directly from a manufacturer in China and usually take 2 weeks to a month to be delivered. However, we keep most parts on hand so you do not have to wait. Even if you order parts for the wrong scooter, you can trade them in for the correct components. Call us for more details.

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